Auto Enrolment Services


The government’s introduction of the auto-enrolment program represents the biggest shake up for the pensions industry in over 100 years! Despite the enormity and comprehensive nature of the new rules they don’t have to mean trouble or disruption for your business. Using our in-house experts and cloud systems OD Auto Enrolment accountants can be your partner in making your business auto-enrolment compliant through one of our auto-enrolment solutions that meet the varied needs of smaller and medium sized enterprises all over the UK.


All our services are supported by our qualified and expert team and we offer the option of providing a set package or something more bespoke depending on your budget and business requirements.
It’s important to remember that all employers have to comply with auto enrolment, if you don’t then fines start at £400 – and keep on increasing the longer non-compliance continues!


To comply with auto enrolment there are 14 steps – here at OD Auto Enrolment Accountants we can manage that for you so there is no disruption experienced in your business – just contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation with our Auto Enrolment Services.


Auto-enrolment can be a headache for businesses as each time that business collects pension contributions from their staff they have to be paid to the Pension Company – for just £30 per month we can take this pain away for you!



Why Use OD Auto Enrolment Accountants


At OD Auto Enrolment Accountants as our client you get knowledgeable, specialist advice and practical help with your workplace auto enrolment pension scheme. As well as great advice you also get a complete done-for-you auto enrolment servicessolution which means that we’ll help you to create a pension scheme, advise you on a provider and then get everything set up for you.


Auto enrolment is a complex process which can be different for different businesses depending on their circumstances and therefore you can expect further help from us as required – this may be help with employee assessments, communications, pension deductions and data uploads to the provider, etc.


OD Auto Enrolment Accountants provide a complete auto-enrolment service to UK businesses – we’re sure that you’ll enjoy a problem-free auto-enrolment experience with us so please get in touch today!



Why should my business partner with OD Auto Enrolment Accountants for our pensions auto-enrolment administration?


• Outsourcing is more cost-effective than hiring and training full-time staff for what is essentially a one-off activity.
• Ensures that no additional administrative burden is placed on your business
• Guarantees compliance with the new legislation thus avoiding penalties and fines
• Allows management and admin staff the time to focus on their core daily business activities

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